Types Of Exercises For Your Body And Mind

Exercise isn’t only for the body; it has many benefits for the mind as well. All sports involve a certain portion of the mind where your cognitive and mental acuity is improved. This is something that you can get used to from a very young age and continue on to later years. This can counter the effects of aging as well where you will be able to remain fitter, healthier and younger for a very long time.

One such exercise is yoga that has many short term and long term advantages. It includes a series of movements and different poses that help you stretch your muscles and build up strength. It help to improve the flexibility of the body as well. It is a practice that can be learnt by any one from very young children to older adults. It will help with the many difficulties in movement that you experience in your later ages.

It has a profound effect on the mind as well. There are different types of this practice that you can try. The movements used are slow and controlled. You need to have presence of mind and good concentration to hold the poses and the movements. There are different ways of breathing as well that you have to do along with the movements to get the maximum use of it. There are many yoga studios Clifton Hill where you can go to practice this art and learn to be an adept at it. Tai Chi is another type of meditative exercise that you can engage in.

One such sport that includes the marriage of body and mind is swimming. It is very effective for cardiovascular health and will give you a workout for the whole body. After a few months you will feel a noticeable change in your body where you will see that you’ve gained muscle tone and reduced weight. This sport takes into account rhythmic and repetitive movements that help you manoeuvre through the water.  Pretty soon your whole mind will be occupied with maintaining the motion and it will be a wonderful way for you to meditate.

Not only sports, there are certain things you do around the house that can be intensely therapeutic. For example, gardening can help you keep fit and also mentally present. This is not a very strenuous exercise however. But all the same you will be able to develop muscle strength. This will depend on the level of vigour you complete the tasks with. You will feel your worries falling away when you’re caring for the plants and watching them bloom. The end results of your endeavours can be quite beautiful to behold.

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