27, October 2016

Fixie Bikes Provide Both Function And Style

Cycling has long been a popular choice of transport and commuting from place to place, but in recent times the common bicycle has become somewhat of a status symbol, with more and more people opting for custom, vintage, and retro design bicycles as a means of keeping fit while reflecting individuality. As its true with the seasons clothing trends, everything old is becoming new again; and this has been the same with the humble bicycle. For this new generation of “hipsters”, custom fixie bikes are the mode of choice. A Fixie bike is just the street slang term for fixed gear bikes, bicycles which have no free-wheel mechanism and thus just a single speed gear. Single speed bikes – or fixies – are popular for a number of reasons, but predominately because of their sleek retro look and more affordable price tag. Unlike regular road bikes or mountain bikes, fixie bikes are very versatile in the sense that they can be customized and converted quite easily. They also are a whole lot lighter and can be easily stored or maneuvered, which is perfect for those who live and commute in the city.

Single speed bicycles have been most commonly used as a means of competition cycling – in bicycle race tracks or a velodrome. Because the wheels continue spinning on a fixed gear bike, the cyclist must constantly ride the pedals. This allows for greater momentum and speed, yet can be a bit tricky for differing types of terrain such as hills. This is why fixie bikes are most suited to flat terrains and long distances. If you are thinking about purchasing a fixie bike – whether as a means of art, keeping fit, or as your daily ride – be sure that you are comfortable and familiar with single speed bicycles, especially when it comes to maintaining speed and stopping. The majority of fixie bikes come with just the single brake, but many have no braking mechanism whatsoever. This is where riders must become adept at alternate means of stopping, such as by skidding or putting pressure on the rear tire.

Because fixie bikes are more affordable, they can be easily maintained. As they lack the majority of replaceable gears which regular bicycles come equipped with. Fixie bikes are a more cost-effective option for the long run. Fixie bikes can also be easily customized, and there are a multitude of websites and bicycle dealers which specialize in customizing bike gear Australia. Such stores allow you to choose the design and aesthetic of your bike, allowing you to add a bit of your own unique style and personality. This is why fixie bikes have accumulated such a following; they are a personalized bicycle which is as individual as you are.  Custom fixie’s can be designed and created in a range of different styles and colour options, with some custom fixie dealers producing glow in the dark fixies! Fixie bikes can be purchased from popular online stores such as EBay or the Bike Exchange, or via bicycle dealers either in-store or online.